• Pocket parks – Hadart Design & Build


    Increasing concrete cover of cities leads to their residents looking for solutions to get nature closer to their apartments.

    Such a solution is provided by pocket parks, or parkettes – small green squares, always open to the public, equipped with small architecture, and fitted among built environment.

    Benefits of pocket gardens

    • they introduce green leisure zones to the city
    • reduce the effect of urban heat islands
    • greenery, trees, shrubs and perennials make climate milder
    • they have beneficial influence on rainwater management
    • increase biodiversity
    • have an immense impact on interpersonal relations in a small community

    Hadart realization features

    • high quality
    • work culture
    • tidiness
    • promptness
    • experience and many years of observing species that are good for and thriving in cities
    • excellent quality of carefully selected trees and shrubs
    • designs executed by Hadart serve the local community for many years


    It is necessary to cultivate and maintain the project for the first 3 years after planting in order to achieve a good quality of the created green square.


    • verification of the design if it was not made by Hadart, or preparing the design
    • presentation of the cost estimate together with the work schedule
    • realization with attention to the surroundings and the existing infrastructure
    • planting trees and shrubs. Joy
    • acceptance of the completed project by the Investor
    • cultivation and maintenance