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    Green roofs

    Green roofs – Hadart Design & Build


    More and more urban surface is claimed by built environment, including car parks.  What is taken from the greenery on the ground must be given back in the form of roof plantings. Modern technologies of green roofs of buildings and car parks give us enormous possibilities to arrange and create gardens, including planting big trees. The gardens we plant thanks to these technologies are such that their average user is often unaware that they are on the roof of a car park. We are very glad to see the development of roof gardens, their abundance and increase in number. 

    Advantages of green roofs / roof gardens

    • compensation for the biologically active space lost
    • possibility of arranging various types of roofs, from entirely flat to sloped roofs.
    • improvement of thermal insulation of roofs in summer and winter
    • improvement of microclimate, air purification
    • storage and retention of rainwater
    • increased soundproofing
    • prolonging the life of roofs, protection from UV light, heat and cold
    • living space for flora and fauna

    What makes Hadart system garden roofs / room garden special

    • in-depth analysis of technical conditions
    • knowledge and choosing systems and plant species right for roof plantings
    • experience in delivery and installation on roofs of atypical, large elements, including tall trees at high storeys
    • comprehensive performance, from the design and consultations, to realization and maintenance


    We provide maintenance of the greenery and the equipment of green roofs/ roof gardens.

    Offer realization process

    • learning Investor’s needs
    • learning technical conditions 
    • preparing two variants of a concept design complete with visualizations
    • presentation and consultations with the client, resulting in creating the final variant accepted by the client and Hadart
    • if needed, preparation of a technical design in collaboration with construction business
    • further course of the project realization according to schedule