• World class architecture

    World class architecture

    World class architecture


    In the course of our company’s long history, we have contributed to creating green spaces around and inside architecture of the highest world-class order.


    We had the pleasure to work on several projects which have become architectural benchmarks. We collaborated on greenery in buildings designed by eminent creators, including: 

    • Rainer Mahlamäki of Lahdelma & Mahlamäki, and Kuryłowicz & Associates studios that created POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw (2012); 
    • Foster + Partners and HRA Architekci (Wojciech Hermanowicz, Błażej Hermanowicz, Stanisław Rewski) studios that created VARSO I, VARSO II and VARSO TOWER buildings, forming VARSO PLACE (2020) 
    • JEMS Architekci (Olgierd Jagiełło, Paweł Majkusiak, Maciej Miłobędzki, Marek Moskal, Marcin Sadowski, Andrzej Sidorowicz, Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski, Dariusz Wasak, collaboration: Marcin Zaremba, Bartłomiej Najman, Marcin Puchacz, Magdalena Litaszewska) who created the building for POLPHARMA (2006). 


    The number of Polish and international awards garnered by these projects is undeniable evidence of how respected they are. We can all appreciate their utility and the lasting positive mark they left on the urban fabric. We are glad that in each of them, plants that we planted with enormous commitment and care for the smallest details play their proper and significant role. In the performance of these tasks we exhibited world-class professionalism, adhering to high international standards for designing and building liveable places friendly to people. And to nature.

    Advantages of working with Hadart

    • decades of experience in executing difficult, complex and multi-stage projects
    • successfully completed complex projects (e.g. planting large trees in hard to access or tight spaces in patios, on roofs and terraces of office and residential buildings where heavy equipment cannot be used)
    • taking full responsibility for the project realization
    • established, reliable network of the best suppliers in Europe
    • quality which pays off with each passing year

    The most compelling challenges we have encountered in our work


    • transporting large trees. Some of them were as much as 13.5 meters tall, with crown spanning 6 metres and weighed up to 10 tons. We had to organize night time oversize transport (for logistical reasons)
    • planting and vertical stabilization of large trees on the terrace of the VARSO TOWER building at the height of 205 metres. 


    • planting large trees in the very city centre
    • detailed and multi-step coordination of work with municipal representatives 


    • transporting and planting trees on the roof using industrial climbing
    • planting trees in November, during heavy snowfall. We were so successful that until this day they are all growing and healthy 
    • executing and cultivating plants to achieve harmony with world-class art – permanent exhibition of sculptures/abakans by Magdalena Abakanowicz in the inner courtyard, and so that greenery is part of an experimental exhibition space “Spectra Art Space” presenting Polish contemporary art – in the lobby, and in other places inside and in front of the building

    Effects lasting many years

    Our plant arrangements are planted so well that they last and grow regardless of initial conditions and project’s difficulty. The quality of our completed work is best visible many years after the planting.

    Offer realization process

    1. Learning Investors’ needs. 
    2. Preparing an offer. 
    3. Presentation. 
    4. Approval. 
    5. Collaboration.
    6. Satisfaction on both parts. 
    7. Shared pride.