• Cultivation and maintenance


    Implementation/assistance in plants’ adaptation to the new place both outdoors in an urban space and inside buildings.

    The first period when plants collide with the reality of the place where they are to grow and serve us is a stressful part of their adaptation process. Our role is to create the best possible conditions for their growth and development: water them, fertilize and apply biological protection. Good maintenance gives plant strength so that people can use greenery without any detriment to it. 

    What makes Hadart team special

    • care for the plants
    • observing and listening to plants’ needs to be able to react when needed and possibly help them grow
    • ability to adapt to client’s needs in terms of maintenance, e.g. hours, or distribution of work throughout the service duration 
    • resolving unusual situations that may arise in the course of maintenance
    • timeliness, accuracy, precision of realization
    • biological protection of plants
    • using natural fertilizers

    Benefits of maintenance work is a healthy and attractive appearance of plants and their long life.