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    Gardens – Hadart Design & Build


    The offer covers all work from designing to realization with Hadart Design & Build system. We create green spaces according to the Investor’s needs, aiming at building the perfect place in which a home will coexist with nature.

    After the completion, we provide continuous care for the garden.

    Benefits of a garden

    • serves as a beautiful living room, a dining room and an open air leisure zone
    • improves air quality and humidity around the house
    • enables close contact with nature
    • enables creating our own vegetable and herb garden
    • becomes a place to work outside, in the open air
    • place for physical activity
    • lowers temperature of the environment on hot days, so the temperature inside the house will be lower as well
    • a well designed, executed and tidy garden increases property value by ca. 20%

    What makes Hadart gardens special

    • long-term approach to Client’s needs, planning for how the garden will change over the years
    • high quality of realization
    • high quality of introduced plants
    • possibility to plant unique specimens: trees over a dozen meters high, solitary trees several decades old, or individual plants available in Europe, which we can select together with out client
    • executing works according to schedule
    • work culture, tidiness
    • in the projects we create, we take into account challenges related to the necessity to act for climate improvement, i.e. sustainable development, biodiversity, utilization of rainwater
    • cultivating the garden, which means taking responsibility for how it will change over the years


    We can use the garden year-round.
    Different gardens require different levels of involvement in their tending.
    Certainly, the most important work is done in spring and in autumn.

    Offer realization process

    • learning investor’s needs
    • identifying soil and climate conditions of a given place
    • preparing 2 variants of a concept design, complete with visualizations
    • presentation and arrangements with the client, resulting in creating the final concept design
    • client’s approval
    • signing the agreement and setting the work schedule
    • realization according to schedule
    • planting and finishing touches on the garden. Joy
    • tending to the garden and collaborating with the client over the years