• Greenery indoors and decorations

    Greenery indoors and decorations

    Hadart – greenery indoors and decorations – Design & Build


    Plants are our friends and allow us to invite them to our offices, houses and apartments. We can use them to make our interiors greener, and our gardening team will help them grow at your place.

    We try to conjure up a garden in every room: a tropical jungle, succulents straight from the desert, or perhaps a bit of a forest with ferns on the ceiling? We can also suggest an arrangement for a winter garden, greenhouse, office, house or residence.

    We love to decorate executive spaces with flower arrangements, decorate them for holidays or prepare decorations for houses, offices, and deliver gift bouquets. We will always find an idea to arrange your interior!

    Benefits of indoor plants

    The essential idea behind our offer is showing nature’s beauty and its amazing possibilities: 

    • more oxygen in the air
    • less carbon dioxide
    • more air humidity
    • absorption of toxins

    And above all they enable us to break from grey reality and they please not only our eyes, but also our souls…

    What makes Hadart team special

    • unique design for each Client, tailored to the conditions of the building
    • using both exotic and native plants, according to the latest knowledge
    • fast project realization in Client’s premises
    • we love our plants so much that we gladly ten to them at our Clients’


    We work with the best suppliers of plants and pots so that we can conjure up a garden in any interior. Carefully selected plants and their excellent quality enable limiting necessary care to bare minimum.

    Offer realization process

    1. Learning Client’s needs.
    2. Analysis of temperature, humidity and amount of sunlight in the building.
    3. Offer preparation.
    4. Presenting the offer to the Client and most importantly – ensuring their satisfaction and approval.
    5. Delivery and planting.
    6. Sharing the joy with our Client, as we could improve their surroundings!