• Hadart-Moss system green wall


    The offer includes design, delivery and installation of a complete wall/ green panels made of various types of moss with Hadart-Mech system. Our walls are made exclusively with moss from certified sources.

    Carpet and pin cushion moss is undergoing the process of natural impregnation, and its colour is achieved with the use of safe substances of natural origin.

    Scandinavian moss is permanently impregnated. The colour is obtained using natural dyes. We offer the options with fallen conifer needles, or cleaned.

    The arrangement of green moss walls may also include stabilized plants. Cut flowers, potted plants or dried grass, as well as ferns, amaranthuses, eucalyptuses, papyruses and others. Natural stabilized plants are very durable. They do not require watering or additional sunlight. They are safe for the environment

    Benefits of moss walls/panels

    • make interior decoration of houses, offices and apartments easier 
    • can be used as an additional wall, installed on a ceiling, around pillars and columns, or in the form of a wall panel or a dividing wall in an office 
    • can be made in any shape and size, according to the design 
    • natural soundproofing, lowers the level of noise indoors
    • moss is a natural product, impregnated and maintenance-free 
    • beneficial impact on people’s well-being, creativity and health

    What makes Hadart-Mech special

    • unique, customized design creates forest in a house or an office 
    • stabilized plants create the effect of a three-dimensional installation 
    • rapid installation of each panel 
    • combination of nature’s gifts with artisanal handicraft


    The moss used was impregnated with a special solution which preserves its natural appearance and structure. It does not grow. Biologically speaking, it is no longer living. It does not require special watering. 

    To enjoy the original appearance of the moss for as long as possible: 

    • maintain 40 to 70% humidity in the room with the wall (moss absorbs humidity from the air) 
    • do not place the wall next to direct heat sources (heaters, fireplaces, warm air vent, lamps producing heat) 
    • do not expose the wall to direct sunlight (moss is not UV-resistant) 
    • do not place the wall where it could have direct contact with water (shower cabins, sinks) 
    • moisturize the air throughout the heating season (when the air inside becomes significantly drier) 
    • do not mist 
    • do not clean (moss does not become dusty)

    Offer realization process

    1. Learning client’s needs. 
    2. Identifying quality and type of the base on which the wall would be installed. 
    3. Analysis of conditions: temperature and humidity in the building. 
    4. Design realization. 
    5. Presentation of the project to the client. 
    6. Client’s satisfaction and their approval for the design. 
    7. Installation. 
    8. Joy. 
    9. Conclusions for the future.