• Revitalization


    Hadart – revitalization Design & Build


    Revitalization means breathing a new life, restoring. 

    It’s a process of “healing”, restoration of degraded post-industrial and urban areas. 

    Revitalized areas gain not only new appearance, but also new functions. Our role is to create places good for living, working, and resting. That are good not only for people, but also for the flora and the fauna – for entire ecosystems. 

    Benefits of revitalization

    • improvement of air quality and humidity
    • lowering air temperature
    • creating a good zone for leisure and physical activity
    • close contact with nature
    • reclaiming destroyed areas

    Distinctive features

    • learning the needs of Investors as well as local residents who live in the neighbourhood of the possible new investment/revitalized area
    • detailed analysis of the place to be revitalized
    • learning the history of the local greenery, weather conditions and all other social and environmental factors
    • alteration or correction of the existing use in order to create and introduce plants
    • possibility of creating a good place to live, work, and relax for the inhabitants
    • accuracy
    • quality of work
    • respect for the environment
    • timeliness
    • diligence


    Creating green places not only to look at, but to actively participate in using the greenery (market gardens, gardens with annual or biennial plants, herb gardens, etc.)

    Offer realization process

    • learning the needs of the community in the area to be revitalized
    • identifying soil and climate conditions of a given place
    • preparing designs 
    • client’s approval
    • ordering materials, plants, small architecture, etc.
    • signing the agreements and setting a work schedule
    • realization according to schedule
    • planting. Joy
    • cultivating and maintaining the recovered piece of nature