• Living facades with Hadart Fytotextile® Design & Build system


    Advanced technology of the Hadart Fytotextile® green walls construction system emerged from many years of engineering research on biosystems and urban greenery at Universidad de Sevilla, as well as Hadart’s own research conducted in collaboration with the University of Life Sciences in Lublin within the European Operational Programme Smart Growth 2014-2020.

    Green wall Hotel Mercure, Katowice 2021, surface 237 m2
    Ogrody wertykalne - hotel Mercure w Katowicach
    Green wall Hotel Mercure, Katowice 2021, surface 237 m2
    Zielona ściana, ogród wertykalny Hotel Mercure, Katowice
    Green wall Hotel Mercure, Katowice 2021, surface 237 m2
    Ogrody wertykalne Hotel Mercure, Katowice

    Advantages of a living facade

    • natural soundproofing. Lowers the level of noise reaching building interiors 
    • additional protection against the results of oppressive heatwaves 
    • water retention 
    • natural protection against fires spreading 
    • improved air quality. It filters and captures pollution in the leaves 
    • ecosphere friendly for insects and birds 
    • introduction of biodiversity 
    • improvement of energy efficiency 
    • natural windbreaker which keeps the heat inside the building 
    • excellent insulation in winter 
    • in summer, naturally cools down the building and its surroundings
    • protects the building structure against UV rays 
    • improves aesthetics. Covers unsightly surfaces or destroyed elevations

    Features of Hadart Fytotextile® system

    • B-s2-d0 fire retardant certificate  
    • huella Ambiental FVS Low carbon footprint certificate issued by Vida Sostenible foundation 
    • low water consumption: ca. 2 l/m2 (5 l/m2 max.) 
    • increased aeration of roots guarantees exceptional vitality of plants 
    • pockets for plants are UV-resistant and made of three layers of organic and synthetic fabrics
    • materials used are 60% biodegradable
    • lightness. Fully watered system together with plants weighs less than 50 kg/m2 
    • easy maintenance. Simple to dismantle panels. Easy access to the watering system. Quick plant replacement (if necessary)
    Green wall Mrągowo 2021 – surface 60m2


    A green wall is watered automatically. The control unit with temperature, soil humidity and sun exposure sensors makes sure perfect conditions are maintained for the proper growth of plants. Thanks to advanced automatics and proper software, water consumption, maintenance appointments and care procedures are limited to minimum. As part of supervision, we offer professional maintenance by our gardeners who trim the plants several times a year and do a check-up of the watering system.

    Offer realization process

    1. Learning Client’s needs. 
    2. Identifying quality and type of the base on which the wall would be installed. 
    3. Preparing substructure design. 
    4. Analysis of the sun exposure and shadows moving across elevations with green walls. Building virtual models of all buildings located in the vicinity of the elevation with a living facade. 
    5. Preparing the design for planting on the wall, taking into account sun exposure. 
    6. Planting design presentation. 
    7. Client’s satisfaction and their approval for the design. 
    8. Preparing the design for the watering and control system which take into consideration the requirements of plants and sun exposure zones. 
    9. Substructure installation. 
    10. Watering, control system and base installation. 
    11. Planting. Joy. 
    12. Cultivating and monitoring the wall. 
    13. Conclusions for the future.