About us

Because greenery in the city is sacred. Climate change requires revolutionary shift in the way we think about the Earth, nature and humanity. For over 30 years, we have been thinking and acting for green transformation of cities into people-friendly environments in which nature reclaims its rightful place. We have knowledge, experience and successes. We contribute to the green revolution for the benefit of our world.

We build living green walls. Green roofs and ceilings. Green islands. Pocket gardens. Squares. Parks. We improve climate and microclimate. We increase biodiversity. We reduce CO2 emissions. We plant large trees that improve air quality and increase humidity. We create gardens for houses and residences. We create green arrangements in offices, apartments, cafes and restaurants. We design, create and foster good energy which plants and trees supply to humans. We give urban green spaces over to birds, bees and butterflies. To all nature.

We fight for green cities. We postulate transforming parking spaces into green spaces or sites for the development of urban farming.

Our thinking and work extends across years and decades. We design, build and maintain for years to come. We collaborate with clients for good and for even better. They recommend us. We enjoy their trust and satisfaction. We work with a great sense of responsibility. For what we do and how we do it, and above all, for the world in which we live.

Nature has been appreciating it for over 30 years. We feel it is on our side. It gives us green light and supports us in every project, no matter how unique.