• Green islands in the city – Hadart Design&Build


    It is known that urban development must be based on the principle of sustainability which means ecological development that aims at achieving carbon neutral cities by 2050. Renaturalization of cities, or restoring nature in city centres, is essential to achieve this goal.

    For that to happen, nature as green infrastructure must become an essential and integral part of their development. Greenery can be planned from the start, or we can create green spaces in city centres by creating green island

    Benefits of green islands in cities

    • introducing nature to city centres increases the quality of life for their residents
    • encourages active leisure among nature
    • squares framed by trees, shrubs, and perennial plants increase biodiversity and have a positive impact on local fauna
    • rainwater management
    • creating shelter of the tree shade on particularly hot days
    • lowering air temperature in the neighbourhood
    • beautiful green spaces that change with the seasons have a calming effect on people, bring them joy, enable closeness to nature, which has a positive influence on people’s health
    • they can provide space for urban farming in the future

    What makes Hadart realization special

    • high quality
    • work culture
    • tidiness 
    • promptness
    • experience and many years of observing species that are good for and thriving in cities
    • excellent quality of carefully selected trees and bushes
    • projects performed by Hadart serve the local community for many years


    It is necessary to cultivate and maintain the project for the first 3 years after planting in order to achieve a good quality of the created green square.


    • verification of the design if it wasn’t prepared by Hadart, or preparing the design
    • presentation of the cost estimate together with the work schedule
    • realization with attention to the surroundings and the existing infrastructure
    • planting trees and shrubs. Joy
    • Completed project acceptance by the Investor
    • cultivation and maintenance