• Hadart terraces in Design & Build system


    The experience of the last two years in lockdown made people aware of how precious are the hours spent in the open air and surrounded by nature. As a company designing and executing landscaping on terraces and balconies, we have always appreciated every square meter of greenery, especially in an urban setting. Our offer includes landscaping on terraces, from the design to the realization – with Hadart Design & Build system. A terrace or a balcony is an extension of the living space, therefore it is very important to ensure its good, functional and beautiful arrangement. With a proper arrangement of space, they can be used almost year-round, regardless of precipitation, or heat waves.

    Benefits of gardens on terraces and balconies

    • it is an extension of the living space, a zone of leisure and relaxation, or a place to work surrounded by nature
    • properly designed, it provides a sense of privacy and shelters from the neighbours, the wind and excessive sunlight
    • lowers the temperature on hot days, thus lowering the temperature inside the house
    • with no possibility to have a garden in the city, it enables having a private green space
    • increases property value

    What makes Hadart terraces and balconies special

    • in-depth analysis of technical conditions and advisory on load-bearing capacities
    • broad assortment of small architecture, according to the client’s budget
    • knowledge and choosing suitable plant species
    • experience in durable installation of elements vulnerable to the wind
    • high quality of realization
    • high quality of used plants
    • executing works according to schedule
    • work culture, tidines


    A terrace, or a balcony can be used throughout the year, and plants and equipment require regular care and maintenance.

    Offer realization process

    • learning Investor’s needs
    • learning technical conditions and load-bearing capacity of a terrace/balcony
    • preparing two variants of a concept design complete with visualizations and taking into consideration load-bearing capacity
    • presentation and discussion with the Client, resulting in creating the final variant accepted by the Client and Hadart
    • if needed, preparation of a technical design in collaboration with the construction business
    • further course of the project realization according to schedule.
    • realization according to schedule
    • planting and finishing touches on the garden. Joy
    • tending to the garden and collaborating with the Client over the years